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MINI-HD SCRUBBER MINI-HD SCRUBBER The MiniMag, due to its size and control, has been one of our most popular machines for years. Its a Heavy Duty machine and always brings his game.
MAG-HD SCRUBBER MAG-HD SCRUBBER Clean and Polish your Concrete floors with one of our Magnum Floor Scrubbers. These machines use heavy down pressure and high RPM brushes to scrub your floors thoroughly.
GTX SCRUBBER GTX SCRUBBER This rider machine makes floor scrubbing a breeze. With multiple settings for pressure and water control, you can clean the floors the way you want with the power of a Factory Cat!
XR SCRUBBER XR SCRUBBER Factory Cat's largest Rider Floor Scrubber, the XR, is a monster when it comes to cleaning floors. With up to a 46" cleaning width, 350lbs of down-pressure, and 68 gallon tank, its no wonder so many people choose this machine.
MODEL 34 SWEEPER MODEL 34 SWEEPER Great for indoor small Industrial plants, this Walk Behind Sweeper will pick up anything that is in it's path and store it in an easy to empty hopper.
TR SWEEPER TR SWEEPER With built in side-brooms, this Ride-on unit is able to pick up dust and dirt from cracks normally unreachable.