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HPT28 Hand Pallet Truck


Cheap valtrex overnight, Can i order valtrex online

Hand Pallet Trucks | Walkie Pallet Trucks | Internal Combustion Trucks | Sit-down Electric Trucks

Highly efficient and reliable forklifts with productivity enhanced features.

pdf_icon Download the Hand/Walkie Warehouse Series Brochure

3,300 – 6,500lb – BW-7 Series/Walkie Pallet Trucks

Doosan’s BW-7 Series is packaged to take on loads from 3,300 lbs. to 6,500 lbs. and come equipped with the following standard features:

  • AC Power for faster acceleration, more torque, higher efficiency, and lower maintenance costs due to the brush-less design;
  • Self-lubricating bushings for high load capacity and the reduction of friction;
  • An hour meter/battery discharge indicator for easy review of truck performance;
  • Operator friendly options such as a convenient storage compartment and ergonomically designed control handle;


  • CAN Bus technology for more reliable control truck functions

There are so many features loaded onto our Walkie Pallet Trucks that they are guaranteed to greatly add to your bottom line.

Model Rated Capacity(lb) Operator Type Load Center (in) Voltage/ Power Tire Type (Drive/ Load/ Caster) Drive Tire Dimensions (in) Forks (in)
BW23S-7 4,500 Walkie Stacker Truck 24 24V/AC Polyurethane 10×3 42″
BW23S-7 4,500 Walkie Pallet Truck 24 24V/AC Polyurethane 10×3 27″x48″
BWR33S-7 6,500 Walkie Rider Pallet Truck 24 24V/AC Polyurethane 10×4 27″x48″

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