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HPT28 Hand Pallet Truck


Can u order valtrex online - Were can i buy valtrex

Hand Pallet Trucks | Walkie Pallet Trucks | Internal Combustion Trucks | Sit-down Electric Trucks

Highly efficient and reliable forklifts with productivity enhanced features.

pdf_icon  Download the Hand/Walkie Warehouse Series Brochure

5,500 lb – Doosan HPT28 Hand Pallet Truck

Meet Doosan’s NEW HPT28, our durable 5,500 lb capacity unit developed to meet your warehousing needs. The HPT28 features:

  • Totally enclosed bearings that guard against failure from dust and prolongs service life.
  • A steel drawbar with protected handle for extra safety and strength.
  • Pivot mounted large polyurethane steer wheels to ensure stability on uneven surfaces.
  • 202° steer handle arc enables easy maneuvering of pallet truck in confined areas.
  • Large polyurethane wheels for improved stability and allows for quiet operation line.

Model Rated Capacity
Materials Dimensions Model
Load Wheel Steer Wheel
HPT28-1-06 5,500 Polyurethane load and steer wheel w/steel handle 2.9″x3.7″ 7.1″x2.0″ 27″x48″ 200 lb
HPT28-2-06 5,500 Polyurethane load and steer wheel w/steel handle 2.9″x3.7″ 7.1″x2.0″ 20.5″x48″ 200 lb
Polyurethane load and steer wheel w/steel handle
200 lb
Polyurethane load and steer wheel w/steel handle
200 lb
HPT28-5-06 5,500 Polyurethane load and steer wheel w/steel handle
180 lb

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