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Buy brand valtrex, Purchase valtrex

Dimensions (L x W x H)54″ x 26″ x 55″
Weight1,222 lbs.
Disk Brush Size(2) 13″, (2) 15″, & (2) 17″
Cleaning Width26″, 30″, & 34″
Cleaning Rate (sq. ft/hr):31,000

View the Factory Cat GTX Rider Scrubber Brochure for more Info

GTX Floor Scrubber:

Factory Cat’s GTX Rider Floor Scrubber-Dryers are tough, compact scrubbers that offer the great productivity of Rider machines but with better maneuverability than Walk Behinds. The Factory Cat GTX Rider Floor Scrubber machines have a powerful drive motor that can climb steep ramps and comes standard with heavy duty tires. Features of the drive system include: automatic parking brake and reducing of transport speed while scrubbing or reversing to maintain life of the squeegees.

The Central Command II systems on all of our Rider machines include: a LCD readout, on-board machine diagnostics, and 3 different hour meters. Also, if machine batteries become too discharged, the GTX automatically shut down all systems except “transport”, enabling the operator to still make it back to the charge station.

Stone Polishing:

Our Disk machines offer nearly 50% more power than other machines. Along with having the ability to scrub your floors, you can also buy separate pads and equip your machine for Stone Polishing.