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Dimensions (L x W x H)55″ x 26″ x 40″
Weight825 lbs
Disk Brush Size(2) 15″ & (2) 17″
Cleaning Width26″, 30″, & 34″
Cleaning Rate (sq. ft/hr):31,915

View the Full Factory Cat MAG-HD Spec Sheet

Factory Cat’s MAG-HD Walk Behind Floor Scrubber is the updated replacement of the older “MAGNUM” model. It is known for its basic but durable design offering unmatched value to customer. The heavy steel construction, over-sized motors, extra thick polyurethane tanks and stainless steel fasteners provide a solid foundation for the MAG-HD Walk Behind Floor Scrubber.

Stone Polishing

Our Disk machines offer nearly 50% more power than other machines. Along with having the ability to scrub your floors, you can also buy separate pads and equip your machine for Stone Polishing.